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battery charge
We carry all types of chargers – cordless tools, mobile phones, or just a general battery charger. Call us today to find the right one for your device.


cordless tool battery
 Do you have a cordless tool in need of a new battery. Don’t worry, we carry the right battery for your cordless tool. Did you know we also repair batteries?


emergency battery
 No matter what type of emergency device you have, Interstate All Battery has the right battery for you.


flashlight battery
 Need a flashlight battery. Whether its a hard to find 12V battery or a coin cell battery, we have it at Interstate All Battery.

Lawn And Garden

lawn mower battery
 Looking for a lawn mower battery? Is that garden tool not holding a charge? Come by one of our 3 locations to find the right battery for you.

Rechargeable Battery

rechargeable battery
 Rechargeable batteries are great way to save money and help the environment. We carry all types of rechargeable batteries.

Security System

security system battery
 Wireless security systems are becoming more popular due to the ease of installation. But they also require the right battery. Interstate All Battery has the right security system battery, so call us today to find the right one for you.


toy battery
 It seems more an more toys need batteries. We carry the right battery so come by and stock up so your kid won’t be with their favorite toy.

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